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Apex Coffee

Loving Others Through Coffee

What's different about us?

At Apex coffee we seek to provide the best quality coffee and tea for any event. When you book with us you not only get a great product, but you support a higher cause. Let me tell you what we mean.


We are committed to more than amazing lattes, although that's very important to us. At the core, our mission is to love and serve others. We seek to do this by caring for those who are marginalized in at least 2 ways.

First, the special needs community. Often, it is hard for those with disabilities to find work. They require more training and take longer to learn and master certain skills. We will not only employ and train those with disabilities, but also pay them a fair wage for their work.

Second, we've chosen to use espresso supplied from IHaveABean located in Wheaton, IL. They have excellent quality coffee and an amazing business model. They seek to hire adults who have made some mistakes in their past. Mistakes that often make it difficult to find work. At IHaveABean you not only get phenomenal coffee, but you are helping those in the community.

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